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August 31, 2005 - 2:53 a.m.

Ok here goes...about me...who's me you ask? I'll tell you about me. I am slowly approaching 40. YIKES!!! I say slowly because my birthday is in November and I am making these days go by as slowly as possible. Like that is possible. Wishful thinking is more like it.

I grew up all over the place. Father was a Marine for 22 years. So I have never really been able to say actually where I am from. When people do ask...I tell them Colorado. It's my favorite spot. It is where all my happy thoughts come from. And I am attempting like hell to get back there. I was born in California...but don't admit to it very often. At present...stuck in Reno.

I am the only girl my step-father raised...with a couple of older, one younger. I do have other is neck and neck with Elizabeth Taylor as far as marraiges go. My biological father has a few more offspring that I have yet to meet and am currently in contact with a couple. Are ya following me here?

I have fought like hell not to follow mom in her footsteps...but have come close. My best friend now calls me the "run away fiance!!!" I have been married twice. I hate counting the first one...because I was all of 16 and it didn't last long...duh! My second marraige lasted almost ten years. I have three beautiful from my first and two from the second. I have now been divorced...approaching ten years.

I am the biggest tom boy, but have a knack for pretending I can be a princess. I can put on a dress and look damn good, I think...or a pair of old jeans and a fishing pole in my hand with many fish in my bucket and still look damn good. Almost always donning a ball cap on my days off.

I am the child that wasn't going to amount to shit...dropped out of high school, pregnant...blah..blah...blah. Now I am the only child with a college degree, in nursing I might add. I specialize in Emergency Medicine and work at a huge Level II Trauma Center in Reno. And I love my job...I mean absolutely love it. So those that thought I would never amount to anything...that are plugging away at low paying miserable jobs, and hate it...they can all kiss my ass!!! I did it and am damn proud of it!!

I recently...I say recently, but actually it started about 3 years ago was turned on to my greatest new hobby (thanks to one of my EX fiances)...I can't really label it as such...but...maybe stress reliever...I also like to refer to it as "my prozac." I ride dirt bikes and started racing cross country Hare Scrambles over a year ago and am in total love with the sport. My "prozac" is a Honda CRF250X. My twelve year old, (my youngest) is also racing. It's sounds crazy...but better then soap operas, quilting or baking...things I used to do when I was more domesticated during my marraige. My ex-husband, of whom I am great friends with likes to refer to it as...I've grown balls!!!

Well enough said for now. May you all have warm fuzzy happy thoughts and smile today damn it.


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